A Kid-Friendly Guide To Ramps & Slopes

This guide will help parents teach preschoolers about ramps & slopes, introducing them to the concepts in a fun...
This guide will help parents teach preschoolers about ramps & slopes, introducing them to the concepts in a fun and age-appropriate way.

What Are Ramps & Slopes

Ramps & slopes are inclined surfaces that allow objects to move from higher to lower levels due to the force of gravity.

How Do Ramps & Slopes Work?

Ramps & slopes work by utilizing gravity to create motion. Show your preschooler how objects roll down a ramp or slide down a slope, explaining the scientific principles behind it.

Resources To Teach Ramps & Slopes To Your Preschooler


  • Marble Race: Create a ramp using cardboard and race marbles down different inclines to observe speed and distance.
  • Toy Car Track: Design a track with multiple ramps and slopes to learn about gravity and motion.
  • Ramp Races: Set up a race between toy cars on different ramps to understand the effects of slope and height.

Toys & Games

  • Marble Run Set: Allow your child to build their own marble run with various slopes and ramps.
  • Magnetic Building Blocks: Construct ramps and inclines using magnetic blocks, encouraging hands-on exploration.
  • Domino Rally: Set up dominoes in a creative way, including ramps, to learn about cause and effect.

Physical Activities

  • Visit A Playground: Encourage your child to explore different playground equipment with ramps and slides.
  • Go On A Bike Ride: Practice riding a bike on hilly terrains to experience the effects of slopes.
  • Scooter Rides: Go for scooter rides on slopes to learn about speed and balance while having fun.


  • Tracing Slopes: Trace different slope shapes to improve fine motor skills and recognition.
  • Coloring ramps: Color pictures of ramps and slopes, discussing their purpose and characteristics.
  • Maze activity: Solve mazes that involve navigating through ramps and slopes, promoting problem-solving abilities.


Teaching preschoolers about ramps & slopes is an exciting journey of exploration and discovery.

By introducing these concepts through experiments, toys, physical activities, worksheets, and videos, parents can foster their child’s understanding of gravity, motion, and the world around them.

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