25 Fun & Engaging STEAM Arts Activities For Kids

How To Embrace Art In STEAM Activities

The core principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math have been the focus of STEM lessons, but in recent years there has been a push to include Arts and change the acronym to STEAM.

If your little ones are anything like my son, Lincoln, then I am sure your household is full of coloring books, crayons, and lots of “art” on the refrigerator. I want to make sure Lincoln is well-rounded and excels in his academic development.

Research has shown that art education can have a significant impact on a child’s personal and professional development as they grow up. Let’s take a look at more information and activities that you and your child can do together to develop their skills in art!

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Our Favorite STEAM Art activities for kids

Let’s look at some of my favorite STEAM art projects that will have you painting, drawing, and coloring in no time with your little ones!



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What Are STEAM Art Activities?

When most people think of art, they think of expressive arts like playing an instrument, painting, or drawing. But the cool thing about STEAM arts activities is that these projects also include other areas of study like language arts and social studies.

These subjects are important on their own to help children grow to be well-rounded adults, and they also tie other aspects of STEAM education together to make a comprehensive learner.

Lincoln has mainly focused on expressive arts up to now. I like to work with him on coloring in the lines of a picture, tracing letters, and building little sculptures out of Play-Doh. These activities are usually a little messier, but they are great ways to let my little one express himself and give us the opportunity to talk and engage in storytelling as we color characters in a book.

What Are The Benefits Of Kids Art Activities?

Arts education is an essential part of a child’s development because these activities help children be more creative and helps them develop higher learning skills.

Since children need to sculpt, draw, and color with their hands, your child will have improved motor skills, enhanced visual learning, and higher decision-making skills after lots of STEAM art projects.

No matter how old your child is, STEAM arts education activities can benefit them in several ways:

  • Learn to identify shapes and colors: Art activities can help children recognize shapes, patterns, and colors.
  • Practice problem-solving: Let children explore their imagination to help figure out how to make their artwork independently.
  • Learn about elements of design: These activities can help children learn about design principles such as balance, contrast, and unity
  • Explore different textures and materials: Kids can learn different techniques and properties of various materials through art activities, such as painting, drawing, and sculpture.
  • Enhance their fine motor skills: Drawing and sculpting can help children improve their fine motor skills.
  • Cultivate a sense of beauty and harmony: Art activities can help children appreciate beauty, rhythm, and harmony.
  • Design projects or artwork: Designing projects or artwork can help children learn the basics of engineering, design, and architecture.
  • Improve visual literacy: Visual literacy is the ability to interpret, use, and create visual information. Art activities can help children develop this skill by looking at different types of artwork.

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What is the arts in STEAM education?

Incorporating the arts into STEAM education offers four distinct pathways for learners to explore. Additionally, children can take part in specialized classes centered around incorporating artistic practices with specific pedagogical approaches – ultimately cultivating a more comprehensive learning experience!

How do you incorporate art education into STEAM?

Parents can help bring STEAM to life by weaving creative arts into educational projects, such as adding graphics and involving performing art. Students’ artistic talents can also be a great asset in sparking unique ideas and fresh perspectives!

What arts are included in STEAM?
By weaving the rich complexity of humanities, language arts and art forms with traditional STEM studies, STEAM-focused curricula provide students a holistic educational experience to help them become well-rounded global citizens.
Why art is important in STEAM education?
A STEAM education incorporating the arts is critical to unlocking students’ creative potential – aiding in more excellent academic performance, coordination, and decision-making. Your little ones can gain invaluable life skills beyond school by engaging with art forms such as painting and sculpture.