A Kid-Friendly Guide About GPS

This guide provides parents with a step-by-step approach to teaching GPS to preschoolers, using age-appropriate...

This guide provides parents with a step-by-step approach to teaching GPS to preschoolers, using age-appropriate language and interactive activities.

What Is GPS

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a network of satellites that orbit the Earth, helping us determine our exact location on the planet. Teach your preschooler about how GPS works and its importance in navigation.

How Does GPS Work

GPS works by using signals from satellites to calculate the distance between the satellites and a GPS receiver on the ground. Help your preschooler understand how these signals help determine their location.

Resources To Teach GPS To Your Preschooler

Introduction: Here are some resources to help you teach GPS to your preschooler in a fun and engaging way.


  • GPS Scavenger Hunt: Hide objects around the house and provide your preschooler with GPS coordinates to find them.
  • Mapping Adventure: Use a GPS device to create a map of your neighborhood with your child.
  • DIY Compass: Make a compass using a magnetized needle and a bowl of water to demonstrate basic navigation principles.

Toys & Games

  • GeoSafari Jr. Talking Globe: An interactive globe that introduces children to geography and uses GPS technology to provide information about different countries.
  • Map Puzzle: A puzzle that helps children learn about maps and geography, encouraging spatial skills.
  • GPS Interactive Books: Storybooks with interactive elements that introduce children to GPS and navigation concepts.

Physical Activities

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt: Use GPS coordinates to guide your preschooler to specific outdoor locations where they can find items from a provided list.
  • Geocaching: Explore the world of geocaching, a treasure-hunting game that uses GPS coordinates to find hidden containers.
  • GPS Relay Race: Divide into teams and compete in a relay race where each team member must navigate to specific GPS coordinates to complete their leg of the race.


  • GPS Coloring Worksheet: A coloring page featuring GPS satellites and a brief explanation of how they work.
  • Connect the Dots: Connect the dots in numerical order to reveal a hidden GPS-related image.
  • Spot the Difference: Compare two images and find the differences related to GPS and navigation.


Teaching GPS to your preschooler can be an exciting and educational experience.

By using interactive activities, experiments, toys, games, and videos, you can help your child understand the world of navigation and develop important spatial awareness skills.

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