A Kid-Friendly Guide About Gravity

This snackable guide provides parents with age-appropriate explanations and activities to teach preschoolers about...

This snackable guide provides parents with age-appropriate explanations and activities to teach preschoolers about gravity, a fundamental concept in science. This post is meant to be used along side our parent’s card teaching kit.

What Is Gravity

Gravity is the force that pulls objects towards each other. It keeps us on the ground and makes things fall down.

How Does Gravity Work

Gravity works because of the mass of objects. The bigger the object, the stronger its pull. Even we have a tiny bit of gravity!

  • Drop a ball and watch it fall to the ground.
  • Place objects of different sizes on a table and observe how the bigger ones pull smaller ones towards them.
  • Play with magnets to show attraction between objects.

Resources to Teach Gravity to Your Preschooler


  • Gravity and Water: Fill different containers with water and compare how objects float or sink.
  • Parachute Drop: Create a parachute using a plastic bag and drop it from various heights. Observe how it falls slowly due to air resistance.
  • Balloon Rockets: Blow up a balloon and let it go. See how it flies forward due to the air pressure inside pushing it.

Toys & Games

  • Marble Run: Build a marble run set and let the marbles roll down the tracks, demonstrating gravity’s effect on their movement.
  • Magnetic Building Blocks: Use magnetic blocks to create structures and observe how gravity affects their stability.
  • Tumbling Tower: Play a game of balancing and stacking blocks, teaching how gravity affects stability and toppling.

Physical Activities

  • Jumping: Encourage your child to jump up and down, explaining how gravity pulls them back to the ground after they jump.
  • Sliding: Slide down a slide and discuss how gravity makes them slide down faster.
  • Swinging: Push your child on a swing and discuss how gravity pulls them back towards the ground at the highest point.




Teaching preschoolers about gravity through simple explanations, hands-on experiments, and engaging activities is a great way to foster their understanding of the world around them and ignite their curiosity in science.

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