A Kid-Friendly Guide About Rainbows

This guide is designed to help parents teach preschoolers about rainbows. From understanding what rainbows are to...

This guide is designed to help parents teach preschoolers about rainbows. From understanding what rainbows are to exploring various resources, this guide provides age-appropriate information and activities for a fun learning experience.

This post is to be used alongside our parent’s card teaching kit.

What Are Rainbows

Rainbows are beautiful arcs of colors that appear in the sky after rain.

They are formed when sunlight is bent or refracted by water droplets in the air, creating a spectrum of colors.

How Do Rainbows Work

When sunlight passes through raindrops, it gets refracted and split into different colors. These colors then bounce off the inside of the raindrop and reflect back towards us, forming a circle of colorful light.

  • Use a prism to demonstrate how white light can be split into colors.
  • Create a rainbow using a flashlight and a glass of water.
  • Talk about how rainbows can also be seen in fountains or sprinklers.

Resources To Teach Rainbows To Your Preschooler

Explore these resources to engage your preschooler in learning about rainbows through experiments, toys, games, and physical activities.


  • Rainbow in a Jar: Layer different colored liquids (e.g., water, oil, and food coloring) in a clear jar to create a mini rainbow.
  • Rainbow Reflection: Use a mirror to reflect sunlight onto a white surface, creating a rainbow reflection.
  • Rainbow Walk: Take a walk after rain, searching for rainbows and discussing their colors and shapes.
  • Rainbow Painting: Let your child paint their own rainbow using different colors and a brush or their fingers.
  • Rainbow Playdough: Make homemade playdough in different colors and encourage your child to create their own rainbow shapes.

Toys & Games

  • Rainbow Puzzle: Use a rainbow-themed jigsaw puzzle to teach colors and spatial skills.
  • Rainbow Stacking Blocks: Help your child stack blocks of different colors to create a rainbow tower.
  • Rainbow Sorting Game: Use colored objects or toy blocks to play a sorting game, arranging them in rainbow order.

Physical Activities

  • Rainbow Hopscotch: Create a hopscotch grid using colored chalks, and have your child hop on the different colors.
  • Rainbow Obstacle Course: Set up a course with colored hoops or cones, and guide your child through it, explaining the colors.
  • Rainbow Tag: Play a game of tag, assigning each player a different color and tagging them to create a rainbow chain.
  • Rainbow Yoga: Practice yoga poses that correspond to different colors of the rainbow, fostering flexibility and mindfulness.
  • Rainbow Relay Race: Organize a relay race where children run to different color stations and collect corresponding objects.




By exploring the science and beauty of rainbows through hands-on activities and engaging resources, parents can foster their preschoolers’ curiosity and understanding of this natural phenomenon.

Enjoy the journey of learning and discovery together!

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