My 12 Favorite Math Books For Kids (My Son Loves #4)

Ready to turn math time into fun time? My son had a hard time learning math, and I think part of the issue was that I...

Ready to turn math time into fun time?

My son had a hard time learning math, and I think part of the issue was that I avoided the subject. I was always intimidated by math as a kid, so I tend to lean towards “fun” subjects like engineering and art.

However, I know that math is an essential part of my son’s future success, so I started looking for ways to make math fun! I found some great kid-friendly math activities, but I also wanted to find some math books for kids that my son would love.

We’ll explore the magical world of numbers through colorful pages, engaging stories, and hands-on activities.

Say goodbye to math anxiety and hello to confidence-building, brain-boosting adventures. Let’s make math your child’s new favorite subject!

What Makes A Great Math Books For Kids?

As a mom, I’ve discovered that math books are a fantastic way to develop a bond with Lincoln while sneaking in some learning. Whether we’re cuddled up before bedtime, lounging in the backyard, or listening to an audiobook during our daily commute, these books have become our special thing.

What I love about great math books for kids is how they blend storytelling with number concepts. The best ones don’t feel like textbooks at all – they’re adventures where math just happens to play a starring role.

They might follow characters solving puzzles, explore real-world math applications, or even dive into the history of mathematical discoveries.

It’s amazing how a good story can transform something that might seem intimidating into a fun, approachable subject, especially before bedtime!

If your little one is anything like my son, then you need to be careful that their little imaginations don’t get bored and turn them away from looking math through stories. Here are some tips I recommend that you keep an eye out for as you look for the best math books to help your little ones learn:

  • Engaging storylines: I love books that weave math into exciting adventures. When Lincoln sees characters using math to solve mysteries or save the day, he realizes numbers are tools for real-life problem-solving.
  • Visual appeal: Colorful, detailed illustrations aren’t just pretty – they help Lincoln visualize abstract concepts. Great math books use pictures to break down complex ideas, making them easier to understand and remember.
  • Interactive elements: Books with puzzles, flaps, or questions keep Lincoln’s hands and mind busy. This interactivity reinforces learning and makes math feel like a fun game rather than a chore.
  • Real-world connections: The best math books show how numbers relate to everyday life. When Lincoln sees math in cooking, sports, or nature, he understands its relevance beyond the classroom.
  • Gradual complexity: I appreciate books that introduce concepts step-by-step. They start simple and slowly add difficulty, building Lincoln’s confidence and skills without overwhelming him. This approach keeps math challenging but achievable.

With these engaging math books, you’re not just reading stories – you’re unlocking a world of numbers for your child.

So grab a book, snuggle up, and watch as math transforms grade one grades from a subject to an adventure. Happy calculating, parents!

12 Fun Math Books For Kids That Your Kiddos Will Love

Math can be a fun and engaging subject for kids when introduced through the right books.

Whether your child is just starting to count or exploring more complex concepts, there are plenty of fantastic math books to help them along the way.

Here are some of the best math books for kids ages five that will make learning math an exciting adventure!

1. How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten?

how do dinosaurs count tot ten math books for kids wonder noggin

“How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten?” is a delightful blend of prehistoric fun and early math skills that’s perfect for young learners. As a mom, I love how it combines Lincoln’s dinosaur obsession with number basics. The book features various dinosaur species humorously demonstrating counting from one to ten.

Each page showcases a different dinosaur in a relatable, often mischievous scenario, making sorting and counting feel like a game. The illustrations are vibrant and detailed, encouraging kids to spot and count objects on each page.

What makes this book special is how it subtly introduces number recognition, sequencing, and one-to-one correspondence. The rhythmic text makes it great for read-alouds and practice, and I’ve found Lincoln in class often joins in, reinforcing his counting skills.

It’s more than just a counting book – it’s a stepping stone to early math confidence and dinosaur knowledge rolled into one engaging package!

What Kids Learn About

In How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten?, kids learn about numbers, quantity, and sequencing.

The playful dinosaur characters demonstrate counting teddy bears, balloons, and other objects, making math engaging and memorable.

2. Counting with a Ladybug

counting with a ladybug best math books kids wonder noggin

“Counting with a Ladybug” is a charming introduction to basic math concepts that’s perfect for young learners like Lincoln. What I love about this book is its interactive approach to counting and number recognition.

The story follows a cute ladybug as it ages and it explores its environment, encountering different objects to count along the way. Each page features tactile elements – like raised dots on the ladybug’s back – that encourage hands-on learning and help reinforce number concepts.

The book covers counting from one to ten, but it also subtly introduces ideas like addition and subtraction as the ladybug’s spots change. The bright, engaging illustrations keep Lincoln’s attention while he practices his counting skills.

What makes this book special is how it turns counting into a sensory experience. Lincoln loves feeling the textured numbers and practice counting along with the ladybug, making math a fun, tangible activity rather than an abstract concept.

What Kids Learn About

Counting with a Ladybug invites kids to explore numbers through tactile finger trails and cut-out shapes. As they follow the ladybug’s journey, counting from one to ten, they encounter dragonflies, snails, butterflies, and more—making math an exciting adventure!

3. Llama Llama Numbers

learning with llama llama fun math books for kids wonder noggin

“Llama Llama Numbers” is a delightful board book that introduces young children to counting and numbers through the beloved Llama Llama character. Written in rhyme and illustrated by JT Morrow, this book combines the fun of tidying up with learning to count down from ten to one.

This book is an excellent choice for parents looking to make math engaging for their little ones. It uses everyday activities like cleaning up toys to teach counting, making the concept relatable and easy to understand. The familiar Llama Llama character helps maintain children’s interest, while the rhyming text makes it perfect for read-aloud sessions.

The book’s simple yet effective approach to teaching numbers through a daily routine activity makes it an ideal tool for reinforcing early math skills at home.

What Kids Learn About

“Llama Llama Numbers” teaches kids counting and number recognition through the charming adventures of Llama Llama.

This book uniquely uses engaging rhymes and colorful illustrations to make learning numbers fun and accessible for young children, fostering early math skills.

4. Bedtime Math: The Truth Comes Out

bedtime math fun books for kids wonder noggin

“Bedtime Math: The Truth Comes Out” is a game-changer for making math a fun part of our nightly routine. What I love about this book is how it turns math into exciting real-world discoveries. Each page presents a wacky fact or scenario, followed by math problems at three different levels of difficulty.

For example, one night we might learn about the world’s largest ball of paint, then solve problems about its weight or layers. The variety keeps Lincoln engaged, and he can choose challenges that match his skill level.

The book covers a wide range of math concepts, from basic addition to more complex problem-solving. It’s not just about getting the right answer; it’s about thinking critically and seeing math in everyday life.

Best of all, it’s sparked countless curious questions and conversations, making bedtime both educational and bonding time for us.

What Kids Learn About

“Bedtime Math: The Truth Comes Out” helps kids learn math through engaging stories and real-life scenarios. Each bedtime story incorporates fun math problems, making math relatable and exciting. This unique approach encourages kids to see math as an everyday adventure.

5. The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos

the boy who loved math best math books for kids wonder noggin

“The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos” is a gem that introduces kids at a third grade level to the human side of mathematics. As a mom, I appreciate how it shows Lincoln that mathematicians are real people with fascinating lives.

The book tells the story of Paul Erdos, a brilliant and eccentric mathematician, from his childhood to his groundbreaking work. It beautifully illustrates how Erdos saw the world through numbers, making abstract concepts feel tangible and exciting.

What makes this book special is how it weaves mathematical ideas into the narrative. For instance, it explains prime numbers through Erdos’s childhood fascination with them.

The colorful, detailed illustrations often contain hidden math concepts, encouraging kids to explore and discover these topics.

This book doesn’t just teach math; it inspires a love for problem-solving and shows that being different can lead to incredible achievements. It’s sparked great conversations about persistence, collaboration, and the joy of learning.

What Kids Learn About

“The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos” teaches kids about math through the inspiring story of a brilliant mathematician.

This book uniquely shows how Erdos’s passion for numbers led to incredible discoveries, making math fascinating and accessible.

6. The Mathematical Bunny

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the mathmatical bunny best math books for kids wonder noggin

“The Mathematical Bunny” is a delightful book that introduces early math concepts through the adventures of an adorable rabbit. As a mom, I love how it seamlessly blends storytelling with mathematical thinking.

The book follows a curious bunny who uses math to solve everyday problems in the forest. For instance, the bunny might use simple addition to count carrots or apply basic geometry to find the best route home.

What makes this book special is its gentle approach to math. It doesn’t feel like a lesson; rather, it shows Lincoln how math is a useful tool in daily life. The colorful illustrations bring the concepts to life, making abstract ideas more concrete.

The book and website covers various topics like counting, patterns, and simple problem-solving. It’s sparked many math-related conversations and games in our house, turning math into a fun, shared activity. Lincoln now often points out “bunny math” in our day-to-day life!

What Kids Learn About

“The Mathematical Bunny” helps kids learn math through whimsical adventures with a clever bunny.

This book uniquely blends storytelling with mathematical concepts, making numbers fun and approachable as the bunny solves problems and puzzles in a charming, engaging way.

7. Give Me Half!

give me half great math kids books wonder noggin

“Give Me Half!” is a fantastic introduction to fractions that’s become a favorite in our house. As a mom, I appreciate how it takes a potentially tricky concept and makes it relatable and fun for kids like Lincoln.

The book revolves around two siblings learning to share, using pizza, cake, and other treats to illustrate the concept of halves. What I love is how it connects math to real-life situations kids encounter daily.

The vibrant illustrations and humorous dialogue keep Lincoln engaged while he’s absorbing important math ideas. It’s not just about dividing things in two – the book subtly introduces ideas like equal parts and fair sharing.

We’ve turned reading this book into an interactive experience, often using snacks to practice counting and splitting things into halves. It’s amazing how a simple story has made fractions a natural part of our conversations and has boosted Lincoln’s confidence with this math concept.

What Kids Learn About

“Give Me Half!” teaches kids about fractions through a fun story of two siblings learning to share.

This book uniquely uses everyday scenarios to introduce the concept of halves, making fractions relatable and easy to understand for young readers.

8. Double Puppy Trouble

double puppy trouble best math books for kids wonder noggin

“Double Puppy Trouble” is a delightful book that introduces the concept of doubling through a playful puppy adventure. As a mom, I love how it makes multiplication feel like a fun story rather than a math lesson.

The book follows a little girl who wishes for a puppy, only to find her wish doubling with each page turn. It starts with one puppy, then two, four, eight, and so on. Lincoln giggles as the puppies multiply, but he’s also grasping an important math concept.

What makes this book special is its visual representation of doubling. The increasing number of puppies on each page helps Lincoln see how numbers grow exponentially. It’s sparked conversations about skip counting and even early powers of two.

We’ve turned it into a game, predicting how many puppies will appear next. It’s amazing how a silly story about puppies has made Lincoln excited about multiplication!

What Kids Learn About

“Double Puppy Trouble” teaches kids about multiplication through the playful antics of a mischievous puppy.

This book uniquely combines a charming story with math concepts, making multiplication fun and understandable as kids see how doubling leads to exponential growth.

9. Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers

mrs wiggles numbers best math books for kids wonder noggin

“Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers” is a charming book that brings numbers to life through the adventures of a quirky math teacher, and her lively classroom. As a mom, I adore how it makes math feel like a magical journey for Lincoln.

The story follows Mrs. Wiggles as she takes her students on imaginative field trips to explore different numbers. For instance, they might visit “Island Three” to discover triangles, or “Seven Sea” to learn about the days of the week.

What sets this book apart is its creative approach to number recognition and associations. Each number’s personality and environment help Lincoln remember its qualities and uses in everyday life.

The vibrant illustrations and whimsical narratives keep him engaged while subtly introducing concepts like shapes, time, and basic arithmetic. It’s sparked countless games where we create our own number worlds, turning math into a fun, creative exercise.

This book has truly helped Lincoln see numbers as friendly characters rather than intimidating symbols!

What Kids Learn About

“Mrs. Wiggles and the Numbers” introduces kids to basic arithmetic through delightful adventures with Mrs. Wiggles.

This book uniquely combines engaging stories with playful math problems, helping kids understand addition and subtraction in a fun, memorable way.

10. Ten Magic Butterflies

ten magic butterflies fun math books for kids wonder noggin

“Ten Magic Butterflies” is a enchanting book that beautifully blends math with nature’s magic. As a mom, I love how it introduces addition and subtraction through a delightful transformation story.

The book follows ten flower friends who wish to become butterflies. As their wishes come true one by one, Lincoln naturally practices counting down from ten and up from zero. The vibrant illustrations make the math visual and engaging.

What makes this book special is its subtle introduction to algebra and number bonds. As flowers transform into butterflies, Lincoln sees how numbers can be broken down and combined in different ways. It’s a gentle, intuitive approach to early algebra concepts.

We often act out the story with finger puppets, making math a hands-on, imaginative experience. It’s wonderful to see how this simple tale has made Lincoln more aware of numbers in nature and more confident with basic arithmetic.

What Kids Learn About

“Ten Magic Butterflies” teaches kids about counting and basic math through a whimsical story of butterflies transforming into flowers.

This book uniquely blends enchanting illustrations with simple arithmetic, making learning numbers and basic math concepts magical and engaging for young readers.

11. Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Saved Apollo 13

counting on katherine best math books for kids wonder noggin

“Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Saved Apollo 13” by Helaine Becker is an inspiring picture book that introduces children to the remarkable story of Katherine Johnson, a pioneering African-American mathematician at NASA. This book is perfect for young readers aged 5-9, blending biography with math and history.

Through engaging illustrations and accessible text, children learn how Katherine’s love for counting and problem-solving from a young age led her to play a crucial role in the safe return of Apollo 13.

This book not only highlights the importance of math but also celebrates perseverance and the impact of STEM in real-world scenarios, making it an excellent educational resource for home learning.

What Kids Learn About

Please write a 40-word section that describes what kids learn about with Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Saved Apollo 13. Please make writing this section unique to this Book, and talk at length about the special ways it helps kids learn about math.

12. Pebbles and the Biggest Number

pebbles and the biggest number fun kids math books wonder noggin

“Pebbles and the Biggest Number” by Joey Benun is an enchanting picture book that takes young readers on a numerical adventure with Pebbles, a curious butterfly.

As Pebbles travels the world seeking the biggest number, children are introduced to increasingly large numbers and fascinating scientific facts.

This book is an excellent choice for parents looking to make math exciting and relatable. It seamlessly blends math concepts with real-world examples, from counting flowers to exploring astronomical figures. The story incorporates various animals, natural phenomena, and even space exploration, making it both educational and entertaining.

The book’s engaging narrative and vibrant illustrations help children grasp complex mathematical ideas in a fun, accessible way. It covers a wide range of numbers, from single digits to infinity, making it suitable for different age groups and allowing for continued learning as children grow.

What Kids Learn About

“Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Saved Apollo 13” teaches kids about the power of math through the inspiring story of Katherine Johnson.

This book uniquely showcases how her mathematical skills and perseverance were crucial in solving problems and ensuring the success of Apollo 13.

Help Your Little Ones Learn Math With Great Books Today!

As parents, we hold the magical keys to unlock our children’s curiosity and ignite their love for learning. When it comes to math, it’s not just about numbers—it’s a gateway to critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. So, let’s embark on this adventure together!

Math books for kids are like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Picture this: cozy reading sessions where dinosaurs count teddy bears, shapes come alive, and numbers dance across the pages.

These books aren’t just educational; they’re captivating tales that make math feel like a delightful journey, not a daunting equation. I love to use these math books along with some great math shows for kids to help cement concepts with Lincoln.

So, grab those math books, snuggle up, and let the numbers whisper their secrets. Your little mathematicians will thank you for the adventure!

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