8 Math Shows For Kids That Your Little Ones Will Love!

As a mom, I’m always on the lookout for ways to teach my little one STEM at home, especially math. I’ve been using...

As a mom, I’m always on the lookout for ways to teach my little one STEM at home, especially math. I’ve been using these math shows as part of the math activities for preschoolers as I continue to work with my son since his early education.

Math can be overwhelming to kids, and from what I’ve read math is less intimidating if kids learn how to have fun with it early on.

I want to share some fantastic math shows that keep my little Einstein entertained and learning at the same time. Let me share these great finds with you, perfect for busy parents of preschoolers like us!

What Makes A Great Math Show For Kids?

As a mom, I always want to help my son, Lincoln, learn and explore the world of math. However, there are times when I need him to stay occupied so I can get work done around the house. That’s where math shows for kids come in handy.

These shows aren’t just entertaining; they’re educational, turning screen time and watching” into a valuable learning experience.

These shows about educational kids often incorporate games and activities that reinforce the lessons, making math feel like an adventure rather than a chore. I love using these math shows for kids along with my favorite building shows for kids and even the best science shows for kids to make his screen time even more educational!

What I love most is how these shows can explain complex ideas in a way that’s simple and relatable for kids. Seeing Lincoln’s face light up when he understands a new concept is priceless.

Math shows are a fantastic tool for busy parents who want to nurture their children’s interest in STEM, especially when juggling other tasks at home. Here are some key elements that make a math show outstanding:

  • Engaging Characters and Stories: A great math show needs fun characters and captivating stories to keep kids interested, making learning feel like an exciting adventure rather than a chore.
  • Interactive Elements: Shows that incorporate interactive elements like games or challenges help kids actively participate, reinforcing their learning and making math concepts easier to understand and remember.
  • Clear and Relatable Explanations: It’s important for math shows to break down complex ideas into simple, relatable terms. This helps kids grasp new concepts without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Real-World Applications: Shows that connect math to real-world situations make learning more meaningful. Kids see how math applies to their everyday lives, sparking curiosity and practical understanding.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Encouraging kids through positive feedback and praise within the show builds their confidence. It motivates them to keep trying and fosters a love for learning math.

Math shows for kids are a fantastic way to blend fun and learning. They keep kids engaged and help build a strong foundation in early math skills, making STEM education enjoyable and accessible right at home.

How I Chose These Shows

As a mom, I’m always on the lookout for the best math shows for kids. I took the time to research thoroughly, checking out the creators, reading reviews from other parents, and exploring official websites and resources like IMDb.

I wanted to ensure that these shows were not only entertaining but also educational and trustworthy.

By diving deep into the background of each show, I could confidently introduce them to Lincoln and recommend them to you. It’s all about finding quality content that makes learning math fun and engaging for our little ones while supporting their STEM education at home.

The 8 Best Math Shows For Kids

Looking to make math fun and engaging for your little ones? I’ve got you covered!

After thorough research and plenty of episodes watched with my own child, here’s a list of the best math shows for kids. Let’s turn screen time into learning time!

1. Number Blocks

  • Watch on YouTube
  • Ideal for kids 3-6 years old

number blocks math shows for kids wonder noggin

Numberblocks is a math show for young children available on YouTube, designed to make learning numbers fun and engaging. I kept seeing this show in various Facebook groups I am part of, and I am glad that I checked it out for myself!

Each episode features adorable characters shaped like colorful blocks, who explore various math concepts through songs, stories, and adventures.

The show covers everything from basic counting and number recognition to more complex ideas like addition, subtraction, and even multiplication.

Its visual and interactive approach helps kids understand and enjoy math, making it an ideal choice for parents looking to support their child’s early math skills and education at home. Numberblocks is both educational and entertaining, ensuring kids learn while having fun.

What Kids Learn About

Kids learn fundamental math skills from the Numberblocks show on YouTube. The series teaches counting, number recognition, addition, subtraction, and even early multiplication.

Through engaging stories and colorful characters, children grasp mathematical concepts in a fun and memorable way, building a strong foundation for future learning and fostering a positive attitude towards math.

2. Peg + Cat

peg cat best math tv shows for kids wonder noggin

“Peg + Cat” is a delightful math show for kids that combines adventure with education, perfect for teaching your little ones math at home. The show follows Peg and her trusty sidekick, Cat, as they solve quirky problems using basic math concepts.

Each episode is packed with engaging storylines and catchy songs that make learning fun. For example, Peg often uses counting, shapes, and simple arithmetic to overcome obstacles and complete her missions.

This playful approach helps kids grasp essential math skills in an entertaining way, making “Peg + Cat” a fantastic choice for parents seeking a quality, educational kids TV show or program.

What Kids Learn About

With “Peg + Cat,” kids learn counting, shapes, patterns, and basic arithmetic through whimsical adventures and catchy songs.

The show’s unique storytelling and problem-solving approach make math concepts accessible and fun, fostering a love for learning in young viewers.

3. Monster Math Squad

monster math squad best math shows for kids wonder noggin

“Monster Math Squad” is an engaging math show for kids that brings the world of numbers to life with friendly, colorful monsters. The show features characters like Max, Lily, and Goo who solve everyday problems using math skills.

Each episode focuses on concepts such as counting, measuring, and basic geometry, making learning both fun and practical.

For instance, in one episode, the Squad might use addition and subtraction to help a monster organize a party, showing kids how math applies to real-life situations.

With its lively characters and relatable scenarios, “Monster Math Squad” is an excellent choice for parents seeking an entertaining and educational TV show for all ages of their family and children.

What Kids Learn About

In “Monster Math Squad,” kids learn counting, measuring, and basic geometry through fun, real-life scenarios.

The show’s engaging monster characters and practical problem-solving lesson tasks make math concepts accessible and lesson itself exciting, fostering a hands-on approach to learning.

4. Odd Squad

odd squad top math shows kids wonder noggin

“Odd Squad” is a fantastic math show for kids that combines mystery and math in a fun, interactive way. The show follows young agents Olive and Otto as they solve odd and quirky problems using various math concepts.

Each episode integrates skills like addition, subtraction, patterns, and measurement into its engaging storylines.

The show’s clever integration of math into intriguing cases makes learning enjoyable and relatable, making “Odd Squad” an excellent choice for parents seeking educational TV for their kids.

What Kids Learn About

In “Odd Squad,” kids learn addition, subtraction, patterns, and measurement through thrilling mysteries and problem-solving missions.

The show’s unique integration of math into captivating cases helps kids see the practical and fun side of math, enhancing their learning experience.

5. Sesame Street

  • Watch on YouTube and Hulu
  • Ideal for kids 3-8 years old

sesame street top math shows for kids wonder noggin

“Sesame Street” is an iconic educational show that has been teaching kids about math, among many other subjects, for decades. With beloved characters like Elmo, Count von Count, and Cookie Monster, the show makes learning math fun and engaging.

For example, Count von Count’s playful obsession with numbers helps children grasp counting and number recognition, while Elmo’s adventures often involve sorting and simple problem-solving.

The show’s combination of catchy songs, memorable characters, and interactive lessons makes “Sesame Street” a timeless choice for parents wanting to introduce their kids to math in an enjoyable and fun way.

What Kids Learn About

On “Sesame Street,” kids learn counting, basic arithmetic, and shapes through playful interactions with characters like Count von Count and Elmo. The show’s catchy songs and engaging stories make math concepts easy to understand and fun to explore.

6. Cyberchase

cyberchase top math shows for kids wonder noggin

“Cyberchase” is a fantastic math show for kids that makes learning fun and engaging. This animated series follows three curious kids, Jackie, Matt, and Inez, who team up with a quirky bird named Digit to save Cyberspace from the evil Hacker.

Each episode presents exciting adventures and challenges that require the heroes to use mathematical concepts to solve problems.

From fractions and geometry to data analysis and algebra, “Cyberchase” covers a wide range of topics in an entertaining way.

The show’s interactive and story-driven approach helps children understand and apply math in real-life situations, making it a valuable educational tool for learning at home.

What Kids Learn About

Kids learn about math through exciting adventures that integrate concepts like fractions, geometry, and algebra.

The show’s unique, story-driven approach and interactive problem-solving help kids understand and apply math in fun, real-life situations.

7. Team Umizoomi

team umizoomi best math tv shows for kids wonder noggin

“Team Umizoomi” is an excellent math show for young children that combines vibrant animation with engaging storytelling to teach important math skills.

The show follows Milli, Geo, and Bot, a team of tiny superheroes who solve everyday problems using their “Mighty Math Powers.”

Each episode features fun and interactive math missions, covering topics such as counting, shapes, patterns, and measurements.

The show’s catchy songs and interactive segments encourage children to engage, participate and apply math concepts in real-life scenarios, making learning enjoyable and effective at home.

What Kids Learn About

In “Team Umizoomi,” kids learn math skills like counting, shapes, patterns, and measurements through engaging missions. The show’s interactive approach, including songs and problem-solving activities, helps kids apply math concepts in fun, everyday situations.

8. Leap Frog Number Land

  • Watch on YouTube
  • Ideal for kids 3-6 years old

leap frog number land best math shows for kids wonder noggin

“Leap Frog Number Land” is an exceptional math show designed for young children, making learning numbers and basic math concepts both fun and engaging.

The show follows lovable characters Tad, Lily, and Scout as they explore Number Land, a whimsical place where numbers come to life. Each episode introduces foundational math skills such as counting, number recognition, and simple addition and subtraction through entertaining stories and songs.

The vibrant animation, interactive activities, and catchy tunes make “Leap Frog Number Land” an enjoyable and effective educational tool for teaching math at home.

What Kids Learn About

In “Leap Frog Number Land,” kids learn counting, number recognition, and basic addition and subtraction through lively stories and songs. The show’s engaging characters and interactive activities make foundational math concepts fun and memorable for young learners.

Help Your Little Ones Learn With Great Math Shows For Kids!

Math T.V. and YouTube shows for kids are a fantastic way to introduce your little ones to the exciting world of STEM right from the comfort of your home. I love to pair these math shows with other STEM math activities to help my little one retain the information.

These shows blend fun and learning, making complex concepts simple and engaging for young minds.

By incorporating math into entertaining storylines and colorful visuals like these fun math books for kids, these programs spark curiosity and build a solid foundation in mathematics.

So, whether your child is a preschooler just starting out or an older kid looking to sharpen their skills, there’s a math show out there to suit their needs.

Dive into the world of math shows, and watch as your kiddos become more confident and excited about learning. Remember, fostering a love for math now can open doors to endless opportunities in school in the future. Happy learning!

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