A Kid-Friendly Guide About Smartphones

This guide aims to help parents teach preschoolers about smartphones. Understanding what smartphones are and how they...

This guide aims to help parents teach preschoolers about smartphones.

Understanding what smartphones are and how they work can be explained to children using age-appropriate scientific terms.

What Are Smart Phones

Smartphones are devices that combine the functions of a phone, computer, and camera. They use advanced technology to connect to the internet, make calls, send messages, and access various apps.

How Do Smart Phones Work

Smartphones work by utilizing a combination of hardware and software components. They have a central processing unit (CPU), memory, and other components that run operating systems, allowing them to perform various tasks.

  • Show your child how a smartphone can make a call.
  • Explain how a smartphone can take pictures and videos.
  • Teach your child about different apps and how they work.

Resources To Teach Smart Phones To Your Preschooler

Here are some resources to aid parents in teaching smartphones to their preschoolers.


  • Sound Wave Experiment: Use a smartphone’s speaker to demonstrate how sound waves travel.
  • Color Mixing Experiment: Show your child how a smartphone’s screen displays different colors by mixing the primary colors.
  • Magnetic Field Experiment: Use a magnet near a smartphone to explain how it affects the device’s compass feature.
  • Battery Experiment: Demonstrate how a smartphone’s battery provides power by using a battery-operated toy as an analogy.

Toys & Games

  • Smart Phone Simulation Toy: Introduce a toy that resembles a smartphone, allowing your child to explore its features and functions.
  • Memory Matching Game: Create a memory game using pictures of various smartphone icons, helping your child recognize and match them.
  • App Exploration Toy: Use a toy that resembles a smartphone with interchangeable app cards, allowing your child to learn about different apps.

Physical Activities

  • Scavenger Hunt: Set up a scavenger hunt where your child searches for objects related to smartphones, such as headphones or charging cables.
  • Obstacle Course: Design an obstacle course where your child must navigate through various challenges while carrying a toy smartphone.
  • Simon Says: Play a game of “Simon Says,” where your child must perform actions related to smartphone usage, like swiping or tapping.
  • Dance Party: Have a dance party where your child imitates popular dances seen on smartphone videos or music apps.
  • Outdoor Photography: Take your child outside and let them use a toy smartphone to capture pictures of nature, teaching them about photography.




Teaching preschoolers about smartphones can be an engaging and educational experience.

By using age-appropriate language, experiments, toys, games, and physical activities, parents can help develop their child’s understanding of this technology.

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