A Kid-Friendly Guide About The Five Senses

This guide is designed to help parents teach preschoolers about the five senses through fun and educational...

This guide is designed to help parents teach preschoolers about the five senses through fun and educational activities.

What Are The Five Senses

The five senses are sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. They are the tools our body uses to gather information about the world around us.

How Do The Five Senses Work

Our senses work by receiving stimuli from the environment and sending signals to our brain, which then interprets the information and helps us understand the world.

Resources To Teach The Five Senses To Your Preschooler

A collection of helpful resources to engage preschoolers in learning about the five senses.


  • Taste Test: Blindfold your child and have them try different flavors, like sweet and sour, to explore their sense of taste.
  • Sensory Bin: Create a sensory bin filled with various textures, like sand, water, and rice, to stimulate their sense of touch.
  • Eye Spy: Play a game of “Eye Spy” to encourage your child to use their sense of sight and observation skills.

Toys & Games

  • Musical Instruments: Introduce musical instruments like a xylophone or drums to help your child explore their sense of hearing.
  • Sensory Balls: Provide your child with different textured balls to encourage tactile exploration and enhance their sense of touch.
  • Smelly Stickers: Use scented stickers to engage their sense of smell while having fun with arts and crafts.
  • Magnifying Glass: Give your child a magnifying glass to help them examine objects closely and stimulate their sense of sight.

Physical Activities

  • Simon Says: Play “Simon Says” using actions that involve different senses, such as touching their nose or listening for a specific sound.
  • Nature Walk: Take a nature walk and ask your child to describe what they see, hear, and feel to enhance their sensory experience.
  • Sensory Scavenger Hunt: Create a sensory scavenger hunt by hiding objects with different textures, sounds, and smells for your child to find.


  • Color by Number: Use a color-by-number worksheet to help your child associate colors with their sense of sight.
  • Matching Game: Provide a matching game worksheet where your child needs to match objects with their corresponding sense.
  • Sensory Sorting: Provide a worksheet where your child needs to sort objects based on their corresponding sense.


Teaching preschoolers about the five senses is educational and a fun and interactive way to help them understand the world around them.

Parents can foster their child’s sensory development and curiosity by engaging in various activities and using resources.

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